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NetPosa Technologies: The world's leading digital video manufacturer

Date:2021-03-02 | Views:1842

NetPosa Technologies is an urban data platform product and service provider with video as the core, which is committed to using innovation and technology to promote the emergence and development of global AI cities. 

NetPosa Technologies was founded in September 2000 and is headquartered in Beijing, China. It was listed on the gem of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in January 2014, stock code: 300367. The company has branches, subsidiaries or offices in 21 regions and overseas in China. Over the years, the company has continuously consolidated its R & D foundation, with 6 major R & D centers in China, 117 patents, 129 software copyright 2, and R & D investment in more than 10% of the annual sales revenue. 

In the IT era of security, NetPosa Technologies put forward the vision of "Building Video Internet" in 2003. Today, this vision has been first achieved in Chinese cities, where more than 10 million cameras are connected to ensure the security of the city every day. NetPosa Technologies has also been promoting domestic video management platform and security artificial intelligence platform industry application. The company's products are widely used in urban public safety, intelligent transportation, smart city, rail transit, intelligent building, family security and other industries. 

        In 2016, security entered the era of artificial intelligence. The introduction of a series of national and local policies, such as Xueliang Project, Public Security big data, Intelligent perception Network and so on, brings great opportunities to the whole security industry. With the continuous development of AI technology, especially the gradual maturity of video AI technology, the application in the security industry begins to take off.

With the continuous landing of cutting-edge science and technology, NetPosa Technologies has determined the brand-new mission of "N science and technology AI cities using innovative technology to promote the emergence and development of global AI cities", and has increased R & D and industrialization investment in deep learning, video structure, data governance, data intelligent applications and other aspects around the world. From video to data, from AI to DI, from software to services, the city is becoming the largest application scenario of industrial Internet. NetPosa Technologies will seize the opportunity of industrial development, take urban video as the core, constantly innovate, build a city-level data platform, and look forward to becoming a leader in urban data platform products and services in the next five years.