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Date:2021-03-14 | Views:1927

        The big data industry is recognized as the number one company in the world, and its business scope covers finance, investment, banking, accounting, consumption, wholesale and retail, media, technology and other fields.

        The company was founded by the Silicon Valley legend Peter Thiel, who has successfully invested in Paypal, Facebook, LinkedIn and other companies. It has a luxurious shareholder lineup and has won top international PE investments such as Blackstone, Fidelity Investments, Bridgewater Fund, and Tiger Fund. The technology-oriented engineer culture is the core culture of the company, and technical personnel account for more than 75%. 15 years of industry accumulation has enabled the company to establish first-mover advantages and technical barriers. In the big data industry as a whole is still in the stage of data collection and primary analysis, Palantir has basically monopolized the field of high-end data analysis and forecasting.

        Palantir started with government orders (CIA is the earliest customer) and gradually expanded the commercial market. Currently, corporate customers account for more than 70%. With the help of strong customer loyalty (the consumption amount of new customers increased by an average of 7.2 times in 3 years), the company's revenue has maintained a rapid growth of 50-80% since 2011. 

        The company's current main products are Metropolis and Gotham. The former is mainly used for commercial customers such as finance and consumption. The latter serves the government and provides data support for anti-terrorism and law enforcement. Palantir played an important role in the pursuit of bin Laden by the US government. The role of intelligence analysis.