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Yuannian Technologu Co.

Date:2021-07-19 | Views:2024

        Yuannian is an enterprise digital transformation software provider and service provider based on new-generation information technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, Internet, and Internet of Things, and at the same time has rich financial management, business operation and industry experience.

        The company has developed for 20 years and has served thousands of large enterprise groups. It is a leader in domestic management accounting, financial management, business operations, data analysis and other professional fields. The industry has deep insights and rich experience.

        The company established a strategic cooperative relationship with iFLYTEK, relying on iFLYTEK’s leading voice interaction, natural language processing, knowledge graph and other core artificial intelligence technologies, combined with cloud native, microservices, low-code, memory computing, big data and other fields in the first year The leading technology of the company is the leading new generation enterprise intelligent software provider in China.

        The company's C1 platform technology is derived from IBM Cognos, which is the only independent and controllable world-class management accounting software platform in China. Its core C1 memory multi-dimensional database is a unique technology that supports enterprise management accounting data modeling and efficient calculation.

        Yuanian has a complete product platform covering technology, business and data.