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SynTheAll Pharmaceutical

Date:2021-04-18 | Views:1992

        The R&D laboratory is equipped with process research and analysis instruments of international standards. As an advocate of green chemistry, SynTheAll established an international leader in fluid chemistry and biocatalysis technology platform. In these areas, our team has completed dozens of projects on the laboratories and factories scales. The R&D base is prepared to support the oral solid formulations’ production, including more than 12,000 square feet of formulation research and development facilities and 45,000 square feet of production facilities. SycThe All's preparation commercialization workshop in Waigaoqiao, Shanghai was put into use in March 2018. It is currently equipped with 5 commercial workshops, including more than 40 functional operation rooms, and a commercial production line with an annual capacity of 500 million tablets.

        The newly completed formulation research and development center is located in Wuxi SycTheAll Pharmaceutical base, and will host more than 500 scientists, including an oral formulation platform, a sterile injection platform, and an analysis and testing platform. Among them, the oral preparation research and development platform is equipped with wet and dry granulation systems, capsule and tablet formulation research and development equipment, coating and central control research and development equipment, etc., supporting process research and development from pre-clinical to commercial production. The sterile injection platform can provide a variety of filling forms such as vials, prefilled needles, and Cartridge bottles, as well as the research and development of freeze-drying processes, to flexibly meet the diverse needs of customers. In order to better satisfy customers around the world for preparation of high-yield, high flexibility demands, we provide customers with a wealth of experience in production and quality assurance / quality control teams to ensure smooth production.