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ArcSoft -a leading algorithm service provider and solution provider in computer vision industry

Date:2021-03-02 | Views:2687

        ArcSoft Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading algorithm service provider and solution provider in the computer vision industry, serving customers all over the world. The leading computer vision technology and artificial intelligence technology are commercially applied in smart phones, smart cars, smart home, intelligent retail, Internet video and other fields, and are still exploring new areas and directions. The company has commercial and R & D bases in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Taipei, Silicon Valley, Tokyo, Dublin and other places. 

        Based on the world's advanced computer vision technology and artificial intelligence technology with independent intellectual property rights, ArcSoft provides one-stop vision solutions for all fields. Provide personalized industry solutions and products with market competitiveness for all kinds of well-known equipment manufacturers around the world. While maintaining the lead in technology, ArcSoft took the lead in releasing the ArcSoft vision open platform that supports offline image technology, and joined hands with the majority of partners to promote all kinds of visual technology applications to tourism, education, government affairs, travel, community buildings, Internet applications and other fields, leading and promoting visual technology empowerment and landing. 

        In the process of more than 20 years of development, ArcSoft has successfully gathered a large number of experts in the field of vision, and absorbed and trained outstanding talents from first-class universities at home and abroad as a new force. ArcSoft will continue to focus on technology, pay attention to the application of the combination of technology and industry, integrate advanced academic and scientific research strength, and bring real value visual enjoyment and experience to customers and consumers around the world.