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The National Team of AI:a more efficient provider of man-machine coordination solutions

Date:2021-03-02 | Views:2468

        CloudWalk Technology: More efficient man-machine collaboration solution service provider

        The only "national team" among the four major domestic artificial intelligence unicorns is a high-tech enterprise incubated in the Chongqing Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company focuses on computer vision and artificial intelligence, and its products are mainly used in the financial, security and civil aviation field. The company is currently the largest provider of facial recognition in the domestic banking industry.


        In the field of security, the company promotes the comprehensive cooperation between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Public Security, and develops intelligent systems such as the “Huoyan” facial big data platform through major projects of the Ministry of Public Security. The products have been launched in 23 provinces, leading the reform of public security industry tactics.


        In the field of civil aviation, the company cooperates with the Chongqing Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and its products cover 80% of domestic hub airports.


        On June 29, 2019, MIT Technology Review released the list of the “Top 50 Smartest Companies in the World in 2019”. After being selected as the MIT2018 Global “Top Ten Breakthrough Technologies”, ArcSoft once again made the list.

        In 2018, Sensegain invested in ArcSoft; October 2018, the company completed the B+ round of financing (including two rounds of B1/B2). So far, the C round of financing has been completed, with a total financing of nearly 1Bn RMB.