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Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group (601717)

Date:2021-03-14 | Views:2149

        Zhengzhou Coal Mine Machinery Group Co., Ltd. is China's leading manufacturer of fully mechanized coal mining equipment, committed to the production and sales of hydraulic support, is China's largest hydraulic support manufacturer, China's top 500 enterprises in the machinery industry.  Zheng Coal Machinery Group ranked 55th among the top 100 coal industry in China in 2006, and is the only selected coal mining machinery manufacturing enterprise. It has won honorary titles such as "excellent Enterprise of China Coal Industry", "excellent Enterprise of China Coal Machinery Industry", "excellent Enterprise of Scientific and technological Innovation of Coal Industry", "National Coal Industry Enterprise Information Management demonstration Enterprise" and so on. And has been awarded as "Top Ten Scientific and technological Progress Enterprises in the National Coal Industry" for two consecutive years. Zheng Coal Machinery Group produces "the first in the world" in terms of the number and weight of supports. In 2008, Zheng Coal Machinery Group produced 11000 supports, which is a well-deserved leader in China's coal machinery industry.  Sensegain Asset Management Group served as a financial advisor for Shanghai Dingfeng 90 million yuan investment into the company in 2008, and the enterprise was listed in August 2010, and the return on investment was more than 5 times.