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Synaptive Medical

Date:2021-04-18 | Views:2544

Synaptive is a world-wide leading company in Neuro-surgery Robotic Industry.

• The only company around the world with software + hardware platformed and advanced 3D imaging effects + voice control system, representing the industry’s future development direction 

Synaptive has more than 300 technical patens and more than 500 published inventions:

• Deeply cultivated R&D and breakthrough in technology for nearly 10 years. The products have been approved by Canadian and U.S. FDA. The technology leading in the industry for at least 6 years . 

• The Series of surgical robot complete over 10,000 units of surgery operation, installed more than 70 sets in 13 countries and regions.  

• The 0.5T head MRI (magnetic resonance) equipped with DWI (Diffusion Weighted Imaging) technology, comparable to large-scale MRI equipment, can achieve nerve bundle imaging, and laterally support surgical robotic platform product application expansion and state building.

 The strategic advantages of the team and cooperation are obvious, and the supplier’s capital injection endorses the company’s future development. 

• Reached a development agreement with Stryker, the largest medical device vendor, to expand sales amount to more than one hundred.

• Non-exclusive cooperation agreements protect the company’s expending potentials. 

• Linamar, a supplier of superconducting magnets, invested $5 million U.S. dollars in the company, endorsing the company future developments.