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Offcn Education Technology (Backdoor Yaxia Automobile Corp.)

Date:2021-03-12 | Views:2415

        Offcn Education Technology ‘s main business spans 3 major sectors:  recruitment examination training; academic upgrading and vocational ability training. The company provides comprehensive vocational employment training services in more than 100 categories, operates in 1669 “direct-sale” store, covers 319 cities, and rapidly expands to thousands of county and universities.

        Offcn mainly serves college students, college graduates and various vocational professionals, aged between 18 to 45. Employments and professional ability improvements are two core demands of this group. The group is widely distributed throughout the country, towns, and industries.

        Professional competence level determines the level of labor productivity and is the key to whether China can successfully overcome the “middle income trap”. Employment is not only a barometer of economic growth, but also a lever for leveraging fulcrum of the entire field of vocational education, as well as a competition arena for vocational education institutions. Thus, the more wide range, vocational education institutions close to the employment needs of a large extent, the more chance flywheel rotating multi-category growth, access to vocational education to guide global dominance.

        After long-term exploration and accumulation, Offcn has more then 45,000 employees, including 3025 full-time R&D teams and 18863 teachers. Relying on superior execution team and vertically integrated nationwide rapid response capability, the company has developed into a high-growth innovation-driven enterprise platform.