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management team

Throughout 15 years of development, Sensegain Capital has stepped into the forefront of China's private asset management industry. Sensegain Capital are committed to becoming an internationally competitive first-class asset management organization and will continue reinforcing the development strategy of "integration, publicity, collectivization and globalization".

Minwen Wu Chairman&CEO

EMBA   National Development Research Institute of Peking University

Officer of the People’s Bank of China and China Securities Regulatory and Commission

1993-1998 Executive of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) where he oversaw financial institutions, securities management, and built an in-depth understanding of the Chinese government’s capital market policies and regulations. 1998-2001 Mr. Wu then served in the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) where he facilitated and grew China’s fund industry, fund market, and regulations.

The Youngest CEO of China’s Securities Industry

2001-2005 Served as the CEO of China Century Securities (“CCS”), which was ranked among the top 20 securities firms in China in 2004. He was named the youngest CEO of China’s securities industry from 2001-2005.

Sensegain Asset Management Group Co., Ltd

From 2006, founded Sensegain Asset Management. After over a decade of operations and developments, Sensegain is now a leading company in China’s asset management industry. In 2015, Sensegain recorded a net income of $64 million and was given an enterprise value of $1.5Bn.

Public Welfare
Since 2014, he has served as vice chairman of the Alumni Foundation of the National Institute of Development of Peking University. 
In September 2016, individuals donated 20 million yuan to set up the Sensegain Financial Development Fund of Hunan University. 
In May 2017, he was selected as TOP100 on the Forbes 2017 China Charity list, ranking 43rd. 



曾任中国人民大学金融与证券研究所投资银行部主管,中关村证券股份有限公司投资银行部总经理,美国CFC Capital基金管理公司合伙人、中国首席代表等职。拥有10年以上丰富的投资银行业务经验,帮助多家企业在国内及美国证券市场成功上市。在并购重组领域,组织大规模资金完成多起借壳上市项目,在业内享有较高知名度。代表案例如中国天楹、康跃科技等。